"I am an education minister in a church.  She provided concepts and challenged me to explore areas I have never before considered.  I will take the information I have gained from Gladys and plan not to only apply it with my congregants at church; but, with my family as well."

"Gladys Childs is the best speaker I have ever heard!  I was always suprised with our time was up...never a dull moment."

"I fully intend to have Dr. Childs come and speak to my staff."

"Gladys really focused on embodying the fruits of the spirit.  She offered a unique way to incorporate this in my teaching.  Myself and others were deeply moved by our time with her."

"I have already invited her to come and speak to my youth group girls....now I just need to work out the details!"

Gladys Childs' ability to connect with audiences on core educational and leadership issues has made her a much requested speaker.  She has traveled the country as a featured speaker to do presentations and workshops for conferences and lead day-long or multi-day, interactive seminars for smaller groups and staff members.  Moreover, she is use to working across denominational lines.  Some of the groups she has worked with include:

■ Texas Conference Chapter of the Christian

   Educators Fellowship
■ National Learning Communities Conference

■ International Society for Exploring Teaching and

■ R.E.A.P. Conference
■ Various groups within the Central Texas

   Conference of the United Methodist Church
■ Lilly National Conference
■ National Conference of the Christian Educators




Gladys speaks and leads workshops on a variety of educational and leadership issues.  She also presents workshops that focus on strategies to empower individuals of all ages to achieve success in their Christian walk. 

■ Creating a Spiritually Fulfilled Life For You and You

■ Being a Techno Savvy Educator
■ What the Best Teachers Do

■ Using Pop Culture for Spiritual Transformation
■ Discipleship: Making it Personal
■ Dealing With Antagonists in the Church
■ Scaffolding for Educational Success

■ Creating a Spiritually Fulfilled Life as a Teenager

■… and more.

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