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Dr. Gladys

Have you ever wondered if a deep connection with God is possible? 


Gladys' speaking and writing is two-fold: helping individuals grow deeper in their faith and helping educational ministries and their leaders maximize their effectiveness and stay current with educational pedagogy. She has helped church leaders and other individuals conduct in-depth assessments of their personal lives to discern God’s vision for their future, formulate changes, and establish implementation plans. She is the author or co-author of several articles/papers. Currently, she is writing her second book on dealing with difficult people while still honoring God.

Gladys has developed and taught seminars for the Texas Conference Chapter of the Christian Educators Fellowship, the National Learning Communities Conference, the International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning, the R.E.A.P. Conference, the Lilly National Conference, the National Conference of the Christian Educators Fellowship and others. She loves being a motivational speaker to all age groups to encourage individuals to honor God, others, and themselves and live out the fruits of the spirit.

Relevant | Inspiring | Authentic

Gladys Childs' ability to connect with audiences concerning personal discipleship and core educational issues has made her a much-requested speaker. She has traveled the country as a featured speaker to do presentations and workshops for conferences and lead day-long or multi-day, interactive seminars for women’s retreats, church groups, and staff members. Moreover, she is used to working across denominational lines. Some of the groups she has worked with include:

  • Texas Conference Chapter of the Christian Educators Fellowship

  • National Learning Communities Conference

  • International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning

  • R.E.A.P. Conference

  • Various churches within the Central Texas and Texas Conferences of the United Methodist Church

  • Lilly National Conference

  • National Conference of the Christian Educators Fellowship


Gladys speaks and leads workshops on a variety of personal spiritual growth issues as well as educational pedagogy for church leaders. She is happy to develop a seminar based on your theme. Here is just a sample of some of her past talks:

  • Creating a Spiritually Fulfilled Life

  • Discipleship: Making it Personal

  • Attention to God

  • Healthy Humility

  • Being Present with God

  • What the Best Teachers Do

  • Using Pop Culture for Spiritual Transformation

  • Dealing with Antagonists in the Church

  • Scaffolding for Educational Success

  • ... and more!

This is just a sampling of the topics I cover. I have spoken to all ages and various groups and can custom design a talk to your specific needs. To discuss possibilities Click Here >>

Previous Clients

  • North American Conference of Christian Educators

  • International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning Conference

  • Christian Educators Fellowship

  • Perkins School of Theology Certification Class for Christian Education

  • National Christians Engaged in Faith Formation Conference

  • National Learning Communities Conference

  • International Lilly Conference on Teaching and Learning

  • Regional CEF Conference Texas Conference Christian Educators Fellowship

  • R.E.A.P. Conference

  • Heart to Heart Ministry at Coppell United Methodist Church

  • LifePoint Fellowship

  • Think Link

  • John Wesley United Methodist Church Women’s Retreat

  • Chapelwood UMC Women’s Retreat

  • Nourish Retreat: A Sabbath Retreat for Those in Children’s Ministry

  • Bethesda Christian School Children's Ministry Greenhouse

  • Self-Compassion Workshop

Portrait of Gladys Childs
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