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Have you ever wondered if a deep connection with God is possible? 


Relevant | Inspiring | Authentic

Gladys helps disciples (those deep in faith looking for more) and doubters (those unsure of their faith looking for more) with her F.R.E.E. to Thrive© program so they can shatter obstacles standing in the way of unleashing the fruit-filled abundant life God has waiting for them. 

Gladys Childs' ability to connect with audiences concerning personal discipleship and core educational issues has made her a much-requested speaker. She has traveled the country as a keynote and featured speaker to do presentations and workshops for conferences and lead day-long or multi-day interactive seminars for women’s retreats, church groups, and staff members. Gladys' focus is on helping individuals be F.R.E.E. to Thrive©.

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Gladys speaks on four main topics: apologetics - fruit of the spirit - relationships - personal strength/resilience

 Gladys is hapy to design a talk to fit your specific needs.
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Some Previous Clients

  • North American Conference of Christian Educators

  • International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning Conference

  • Christian Educators Fellowship

  • Perkins School of Theology Certification Class for Christian Education

  • National Christians Engaged in Faith Formation Conference

  • National Learning Communities Conference

  • International Lilly Conference on Teaching and Learning

  • Regional CEF Conference Texas Conference Christian Educators Fellowship

  • R.E.A.P. Conference

  • Heart to Heart Ministry at Coppell United Methodist Church

  • LifePoint Fellowship

  • Think Link

  • John Wesley United Methodist Church Women’s Retreat

  • Chapelwood UMC Women’s Retreat

  • Nourish Retreat: A Sabbath Retreat for Those in Children’s Ministry

  • Bethesda Christian School Children's Ministry Greenhouse

  • Self-Compassion Workshop

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