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  • Gladys Childs

I Want to Taste God's Goodness!

red gingham table cloth with basket of food

Imagine this: a warm and sun-kissed afternoon where a cozy picnic blanket sprawls beneath the welcoming shade of a majestic tree. And what is waiting on that picnic table? It is not just a collection of vibrant fruits – it is a symphony of colors that promise much more than a tasty treat. This is not your everyday visual; it is an awakening of the senses, a sensory serenade that stirs something deep within. The fruity aroma, the explosion of colors, the thirst-quenching anticipation – it is all there, ready to transform a simple scene into something profoundly meaningful.

But hold up, we are not simply discussing a picturesque moment here. No, we are diving into the layers of faith, into the radiant fruit of the Spirit, just like those vibrant fruits adorning that picnic table. Let us discuss these fruits, not on the table but outlined in Galatians 5:22-23. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are like a juicy slice of spirituality. Imagine love as the cornerstone, a pillar of God's unwavering and selfless affection that illuminates everything. And joy? It's like an inner festivity bubbling up when we embrace our connection with the Savior. As for peace, that serene calm amidst life's storms springs from our unwavering trust in the Creator's grand design.

But here is the intriguing twist: just as a master chef artfully blends ingredients to create a mouthwatering dish, the Spirit intricately weaves these virtues into a singular, extraordinary flavor. Think about joy and patience mingling together – patience remains resilient during trials while relishing in the joy of God's constant companionship. And what about the dance between kindness and self-control, giving rise to a compassionate and unyielding character? The outcome? A life is far more enticing and satisfying than any single virtue could provide.

Now, let us delve into the patience game. Just like a fruit tree does not shower us with ripe fruit overnight, the fruits of the Spirit also need time and nurturing to blossom. Think of it like tending to a garden – patience and care yield the sweetest fruit. Similarly, we require steadfast patience and unyielding care in our faith journey.

Pause for a moment, my friend. Take a moment to savor your own spiritual "fruit salad." How do these virtues manifest in your life? Are some fruits ripe and abundant, while others still need a bit more time in the sun? Recall those times when you have felt enveloped in God's love, tasted the joy of His presence, and found peace amidst life's turbulence. Let these reflections guide you, serving as a roadmap to a deeper understanding of the Spirit's work within you.

But you know what is even better than savoring a delicious fruit salad by yourself? Sharing it! The fruits of the Spirit are meant to be more than just a personal feast. They are intended to be shared to enrich the lives of those you encounter. So, as you bask in the warmth of God's love, extend that love to others. When the exhilaration of salvation's joy fills your heart, let it radiate through your words and actions. Your kindness, gentleness, and self-control? They are like beacons, guiding others closer to Christ.

Crafting a fruit salad calls for an artful blend of flavors. In the same way, the fruits of the Spirit intertwine to create an exceptionally fulfilling life. As you nurture these virtues through prayer, Scripture, and intentional living, your spiritual fruit salad grows more abundant and flavorful. Just as a well-tended garden yields a bountiful harvest, your faith journey can produce the fruits of God's character in ever-increasing measure.

So, let us savor the taste of love, find delight in the joy of the Lord, and discover peace in His presence. May patience and kindness shape our interactions while goodness and faithfulness define our essence. Let gentleness and self-control be our guiding stars, transforming our lives into a delectable and fulfilling fruit salad of the Spirit – an authentic tribute to our Creator and Savior.

This is the first in a series of blogs on the fruit of the Spirit in preparation for the release of my 40-day devotional in late fall. Stay tuned for more information. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, share posts, and comment as you see fit. Please do so if you have not signed up for my email list. I send out bi-monthly newsletters and behind-the-scenes information.

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