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Am I too far behind to live out God's purposes for me?

Rebekah from Fayetteville, AR, writes:

I disobeyed God even after he showed me the path to take regarding my career. I didn’t trust His plans for me and took hasty decisions outside His will. Will I ever be able to get back on track after three wasted years? Am I too far behind to live out His purposes for me?

Thank you so much for sharing this question with me. First, you are never so far behind that God cannot redeem your story. Romans 8:28 states, “And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” (ESV) In what I call a the-incidence (a God-incidence, not a coincidence), here are some of my most recent tweets: 1.) Those who cling to God bounce back. They arise. 2.) Sometimes, surrender is the only way to live the life God has planned for you. 3.) God has so much waiting for you. 4.) What are you waiting for? Turn the page and accept the life God has for you.

I share these with you and others reading this because I genuinely believe God redeems. If you have repented and returned to God, He is more than capable of securing your future. Now, this does not mean there are no consequences. There are consequences for all of our actions, whether good or bad, or neutral. As you follow God and get your life in order, you will see what those are for you.

Please do not let this fact hang over your head – remember Romans 8:28. All will be well child of God. I had an incident where I charged ahead with my agenda to fix the situation. I did not consult God. If I had worked with God, I know in my heart of hearts I would have ended up with the same result. However, it would have been without all the pain, heartache, and suffering I endured. Those were the consequences of my actions. I have to own this and live with it. However, on the bright side, it has taught me never to move forward without consulting God.

Know that God hears your cries. As you reach out and turn back to Him, He responds. Psalm 34:15 says, “The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous and his ears toward their cry.” (ESV) You are not forsaken or forgotten. No parent can forget their child. God does not forget His children. Keep walking forward with God by your side. Work on the 6 Spiritual Habits: daily devotionals, Christian community, sabbath holiness, tithing, mission work, and witnessing. I have a series of blogs on these if you have not read them. As a religion professor and pastor’s wife, I know we must actively pursue God through these means to grow deeper with Him.

May a new beginning take hold in your life and make it more beautiful than it is now.

My prayer for all in similar situations: May the peace and hope of our Lord be with you. God redeems, restores, and provides a future for His children. Trust in and cling to a God who believes and delights in you. Amen.

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Photo by: Лечение наркомании at Pixaby.

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3 comentários

13 de mar. de 2023

Absolutely! Sometimes, we definitely take detours or run into road closed signs, but God’a redemption and restoration are never too far away from us!


23 de jan. de 2023

Thank you so much. This has been so helpful for me. Thanks for pointing me to Christ through your Q&A

Gladys Childs
31 de jan. de 2023
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You are welcome.

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