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I'm Dr. Gladys Childs

 Author & Speaker

Meet Gladys

Gladys Childs is an author, speaker, religion professor, pastor's wife, and mom helping others be F.R.E.E. to Thrive© for the abundant life God has for them.

As a truth teller, she doesn't hesitate to answer difficult faith and life questions without offering pat answers. She has the uncanny ability to speak honest truth in kindness, opening doors for personal transformation.


Busting Barriers

Whispering aches, a cavern craving meaning and purpose within you. There are barriers you can't seem to move past. But you have the power to overcome them.

It's time to shatter the barriers holding you back and boldly step into the abundant life God designed for you. "Busting Barriers: Overcome Emptiness & Unleash Fruitful Living" is not just another self-help book; it's a transformative journey towards a deeper connection with God and a life filled with lasting joy.

This 40-day devotional, the first of a three-part series, is a guide to breaking through psychological barriers that keep us from living out the fruits of the Spirit. With scripture, practical application, self-affirmation statements, reflection, and guided journaling, you'll be equipped to overcome the obstacles to achieving fruitful living and relationships.

Don't settle for a life of emptiness and unfulfillment. Embrace self-care, spiritual transformation, and the fullness of God's blessings. It’s time to start Busting Barriers and unleash fruitful living.

Ever felt lost at the crossroads of faith? Welcome to F.R.E.E. to Thrive©—which helps disciples (those deep in faith looking for more) and doubters (those unsure of their faith looking for more) to:

  • Shatter obstacles

  • Empower strength

  • Unleash a fruit-filled abundant life

F.R.E.E. to Thrive© focuses on four areas: Fostering faith, Releasing abundance, Enriching relationships, and Empowering strength.


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Join the


Are you looking for a safe community to ask questions and grow in your faith?Maybe you are struggling in life and believe there has to be more. Perhaps you have experienced life's trials and are tired of pat answers. This community is for anyone seeking truth and the abundant life God has for them.


This is your oasis for disciples, where your faith's roots go deeper, and God's whispers resonate in your journey. We're here to fuel your desire to thrive abundantly.

And for doubters, this is your safe haven. Faith's not always well-lit; sometimes, it's a winding trail through the unknown. Here, your questions are celebrated. Let's explore the rich tapestry of faith together.

Life and spiritual transformation aren't solitary; it's a communal journey where each story contributes to the beautiful narrative of grace and redemption. So, grab a seat and bring your doubts and hopes. F.R.E.E. to Thrive© is more than a community; it's a dynamic expression of God's love, where doubts are welcomed and faith is nurtured.

Let's journey together. Your seat is waiting.

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Empowering Lives, Igniting Faith: Unleashing Freedom to Thrive in God's Abundant Grace.

Gladys Childs' ability to connect with audiences concerning personal discipleship and core educational issues has made her a much-requested speaker. She has traveled the country as a keynote and featured speaker to do presentations and workshops for conferences and lead day-long or multi-day interactive seminars for women’s retreats, church groups, and staff members. 



"I am an education minister in a church. She provided concepts and challenged me to explore areas I have never before considered. I will take the information I have gained from Gladys and plan not to only apply it with my congregants at church; but, with my family as well."

- Sam

"Gladys Childs is the best speaker I have ever heard!  I was always suprised with our time was up...never a dull moment."

- Theresa

"Gladys really focused on embodying the fruits of the spirit. She offered a unique way to incorporate this in my teaching. Myself and others were deeply moved by our time with her."

- Rebecca

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