Presentations and Seminars


These brief descriptions introduce you to some of the seminars and presentations that are available. Each event is tailored to fit the audience and the unique needs of the sponsoring organization.  For more information, just fill out the contact form above. 

■ Creating a Spiritually Fulfilled Life For You and Your Congregation!​​

This workshop focuses on two important questions we have as Christians, "How do we honor God, others and ourselves?"  and "How do we live out the fruits of the spirit?"  These are the two keys to leading a successful life.  In every action, every day, these two questions should guide how we live.  We can only lead full and meaningful lives when God is allowed to be fully present.  These questions are addressed as workshop participants will be actively engaged in several self-awareness exercises that support personal development and as they examine their personal walk with God.  The exercises in this session will help attendees make positive changes in their own lives and empower others to do so as well.   

This workshop can be done in a retreat or church setting.  It can be done over the course of several days or it can be done in a one day experience.  This can be adapted for specific age groups or target audiences such a women's or men's groups, ministerial spouses and so forth. 

This workshop lasts approximately 6 hours.  It can be abbreviated if you desire.


■ Being a Techno Savvy Educator

​In our technological age, it is imperative to stay current with the educational technologies that can be used to transform our ministries and enhance our ability to communicate the Gospel message.  This presentation focuses on the the latest and greatest in educational technology.  Participants engage in an interactive session which allows them to see what the newest technology does and how it can be used in their ministerial setting.  Smart phone, IPad and computer technologies are examined.  

This workshop lasts approximately one and a half to two hours depending on the needs of the client.

■ What the Best Teachers Do

What makes the best teachers great?  What is more important, what we do or what we understand?  This presentation will answer these questions while pushing educators to comprehend the value of knowing their subject thoroughly while valuing human learning.  No matter where your church is located or its size, knowing how to engage and challenge the individuals who participate in your educational ministries is key.  Participants will come away from this presentation with tools and techniques to use in their classrooms and a stronger conviction that teaching matters and lives can be transformed.

This presentation is great way to motivate and revitalize your educational staff and lay teachers.  This presentation lasts approximately one hour.

■ Using Pop Culture for Spiritual Transformation

In this presentation, we will examine how the web, television, movies, advertising, music, videos, App’s, Facebook, wikis, and so forth provide you with a rich palette of cultural materials to explore for both how they influence who you are and what you do, as well as how these media contain hidden and overt messages about religion and its sacred practices, icons, and ceremonies.  Participants will also examine how these media create and infiltrate the “pop culture” in which you live and thrive.  At the same time, we will critically analyze how pop culture often confuses the sacred with the profane and explore the results of this confusion on our culture.

This presentation is good for ministerial staff and teachers.  Can easily be adapted to present to the entire church body or for parents with children in the home.  This presentation lasts approximately one hour.

■ Discipleship: Making it Personal

In a very direct seminar and interactive discussion, we will examine how to do discipleship in our current spiritual and moral milieu.  First, I will briefly talk about my interpretation of our current spiritual and moral culture in the United States.  Then I will propose what are the two problems we face in light of our current situation and then proceed to offer solutions.   Participants will be challenged to explore how to continue making disciples through some of of the following questions: Are you willing to update how you teach and lead so people will desire to know about God and faith?  When people challenge you on theology or biblical values, will you give them an answer that is logical and relevant to the issue at hand?  When thinking people ask tough questions about faith, will you have answers based on Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience?

This is seminar is great for entire church staffs, lay leaders, Sunday school teachers and Bible study teachers. It lasts approximately one hour and a half.


​■ Dealing With Antagonists in the Church

​​​​​​​​​Dealing with antagonists in the church can be very difficult.  While antagonists are small in number, the destruction they leave behind can be insurmountable.  In this interactive presentation we will examine the warning signs of an antagonist and learn how to effectively deal with this negative force before extensive damage is done.  Real life cas​e studies will be employed to aid participants in working through possible situations they might face.  Individuals will leave this workshop with knowledge and tools they can use to help foster a healthy, vibrant community of faith.

This seminar is great for entire church staffs and lay leaders.  It lasts approximately 2-3 hours depending on the needs of the client.

■ Scaffolding for Educational Success

In this pedagogical session, ​we examine the application of scaffolding to educational ministries.  Scaffolding is a process designed to foster a deeper level of learning by the student.  Instructional support is given by the teacher and then overtime slowly removed as students gain confidence with concepts being learned.  The goal of scaffolding is to promote deeper levels of critical thinking and autonomous learning strategies within students.  Participants will leave with an understanding of why scaffolding is important to their educational ministries and knowledge of how to incorporate it in their own settings.

This session is intended for ministerial staff or for lay teachers with a fair amount of experience.  The session would last approximately one hour. 

​■ Creating a Spiritually Fulfilled Life as a Teenager​

Adapted from, "Creating a Spiritually Fulfilled Life for You and Your Congregation," this workshop focuses on the specific needs and challenges that teens face.

The workshop lasts approximately 6 hours; but, can be abbreviated.  Can be done in retreat or church setting.  As a one day experience or over a few days. 


​​This is just a sampling of the topics I cover.  I have spoken to all ages and various groups.  I can custom fit a talk to your specific needs.  To discuss possibilities click the "contact" button below.


At one event, the retreat went from a late Tuesday afternoon through Thursday noon.  The first three session were on an abbreviated version of Creating a Spiritually Fulfilled Life, one session on Being a Techno Savvy Educator and one session on Discipleship: Making it Personal.

You can mix and match topics to meet the unique needs of your organization.