Moving Your Vision From a Dream to Reality....


My desire is to help your educational program and staff embody the excellence for which God stands.

Moreover, I want to position your ministry to enjoy the journey while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls.


Types of Consultations Available:

​* First Impressions ​- This is a reality check to give you unbiased observations of your educational program.  I will come

   and visit your church on a Sunday and make detailed observations.  I will meet with you and your staff the next day  

   to tell you what works and what does not.​

​* Facility Management - Making sure facilities are being used optimally is critical to success.  I will examine your 

   existing facilities and help you get the most effective use of your space. 

* Organizational Effectiveness - ​​​​​For a church or ministry to achieve its kingdom potential you need amazing people 

   working ​​as a cohesive team.  Tools and projects will be used to help your individuals become a powerful team.   We

   will examine: staff structure, role definition, team chemistry and secondary process such as job descriptions, hiring

   practices, performance reviews and so forth.  We can focus on staff and/or lay leadership.


​​​​​​​​​​* Strategic Assessment - This is a comprehensive package.  My approach is to strategically align your church culture,

   ministry focus and leadership style with an educational program that will produce maximum kingdom significance.  

   The Strategic Assessment also includes First Impressions, Facility Management, and Organizational Effectiveness.


Additional Services Available:

​* Coaching to help educational leaders become stronger in their leadership skills.  This can be done individually or

   for the entire staff and/or for lay leadership.   ​

* Retreats​ for staff and/or lay leadership to build a more cohesive team.
* Specialized consultations to address specific issues.​





"As a new church start, meeting in a school, we didn't know how to set up our Sunday school programming for the kids.  Dr. Childs helped us design a program that worked with our specific needs."